NEW.....  Assessments

​We now offer assessments that take only 10 minutes to complete and you receive the results immediately!

Joyceline Villasana, RN uses HealthStat point-of-care Professional Assessments (Urine & Saliva) that help to assess levels of inflammation, immune function, digestive disorders and much much more.

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  • Nutritional Defense
  • Fat-Burning 101
  • Inflamation - Got Pain?
  • Eliminate Sugar Cravings
  • Bowel Cleanse
  • Food Label Reading
  • Many More​


Consulting & Assessments

Sylvia Harral M.Ed., N.C. and Nutritional Educator Joyceline Villasana, RN are available for personal consultations, and wellness assessments.

A short list of Products

Celtic Sea Salt

Virgin Coconut Oil and moisturizing cream - Baby Silk

Specialty Protein Powders

Essential Oils

​Nutritional Consultant Supported Supplements​

Bone Broth and broth bones - grass fed

Popular Programs

"Mineral Lite", "Enzyme Race" and "Duodenal Volcano" for our young enthusiasts.

Initial Visit $75.00 includes all assessments and analysis.  All follow-up appointments $50.00

Nutrition Workshops; Digestive Challenges and Healthy Cooking classes for the young at heart enthusiasts.

Nutrition Workshops

Wellness Services

Individual Consultations and Assessments

Locally grown Organic Produce  (upcoming service)

Locally made body products

Hand Crafted Gift items (upcoming service)